Portrait of Olive Oatman        Pastels      30” x 60”   $800

Working from an old photo of Olive Oatman, the subject was

rendered in color with the use of pastels on heavy paper.

The Art of Jan Chandler Garbero

                  Lone Wagon

           Oil   22” x 28”   $750

In 1851 the Oatman family traveling to California in one wagon through the southern part of what is Arizona today.  On March 19  Apache Indians approached. Note the horse is alert, noticing the oncoming strangers.

The Clubbing of Olive

Tempera on Masonite  28” x 22”  $500

The painting shows Olive at the violent hands of her attacker. 

Foot Path to the Apache Village

Oil on Masonite  22” x 28”  $750

The sky has been painted showing more turbulence as the future days for these girls would be stormy.  The figures in the foreground take on a dominance by their placement, and the figures of the girls remain submissive being lower in their positions.  The disappearing river leads on.

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