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Artist’s conception of the Phoenix Lights of March 13, 1997.  Garbero actually saw the large flying object in the dark sky of that Thursday night.  Using computer graphics, she made these visual interpretations.

Between 10:00 and 10:30 pm on Thursday evening, March 13, 1997.  The UFO was very dark and large, blocking out the stars, shaped similar to a triangle with lights at each point of the object.  The object seemed to be flying very smoothly and heading in a northeasterly direction.

The artist made this visual composite of the UFO event to show the differences from other flying objects.  The triangular flying object, lower than a jet, higher than a helicopter, larger than either of those, seemed to be gliding through the sky with a very faint sound of a motor.

Scassellati Sighting

Drawn from the sketch of a UFO witness for Phoenix- based UFO investigator, Thomas M. Olsen, for his UFOhelp files.

Go to www.UFOhelp website to read more information about this sighting and others.

The Art of Jan Chandler Garbero

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